Root SU Checker & Busy Box Pro v1.4 [MOD APK]

Root SU Checker cracked apk

Root SU Checker cracked apk – Download Most light-weight Root Checker app for android. Root Checker is free light-weight app to verify or check if your Android device has proper root (superuser or su) access. This is the most accurate root checking app without any ads.This app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installed on your android device, it also tells the busy box path. This app is forever free.

Root Checker was made for users to easily check for root user access(super user) on their phones. This will notify users of the above information. This is a simple application that root access by accessing the “su” binary that is installed on a user’s phone when rooting their phone. Also, the application, “SuperUser” must be installed and working properly as well in order for the process to work.

Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro
Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro
Price: To be announced

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