Password Manager SafeInCloud™ v17.3.14 [Cracked] [MOD APK]

Password Manager Pro App

Password Manager Pro – SafeInCloud was completely redesigned to match new Material Design user interface language by Google. Try it yourself and enjoy an easy-to-use yet powerful user interface. In addition to the standard Light theme SafeInCloud also has a Dark theme option to help you saving a significant amount of battery life. Your data is always encrypted on a device and in a cloud with a strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This algorithm is used by the U.S. Government for protection of a top secret information. AES is also widely adopted worldwide and became the de facto encryption standard.

Your database is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account (Google Drive, Dropbox, or One-drive). Thus you can easily restore your entire database from a cloud to a new phone or computer (in case of a loss or an upgrade). Your phone, tablet and computer are also automatically synchronized between each other via a cloud.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro
Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro
Developer: SafeInCloud
Price: To be announced

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