Microphone Blocker PREMIUM Anti Spy v1.1.3 [Latest]

Microphone Blocker PREMIUM Anti Spy

Microphone Blocker PREMIUM Anti Spy – Download Anti Spy Premium Microphone Blocker apk for android free, Microphone blocker will block access of microphone to all apps and whole android system (NO ROOT REQUIRED).  Privacy protection is very important for every individual. In Android platform many applications are available that using Microphone Permission along with Internet Permission. They might record audio any time in background without knowing to you and may transfer to web. Microphone blocker will protect your privacy by blocking phone’s microphone access against spyware and malicious apps.

Microphone blocker need a record audio permission to protect the microphone but best part of this app is that app itself doesn’t have Internet Permission so your phone’s microphone is 100% protected with our app.

Microphone Blocker Features 
✔ 24/7 microphone block protection or security from spyware, malware or any type of unethical microphone access.
✔ Block and protect microphone by single tap on widget or notification.
✔ Automatic microphone block by certain time interval.
✔ Microphone smart senese for get an alert! when a microphone is being used by any apps.
✔ Microphone access manager for create a white list of microphone apps and allow them to use microphone.
✔ Notification app launcher for quick access of microphone to selected apps.
✔ See app list that using microphone permission.
✔ See each microphone permission app statistic and probable risk level.
✔ Get notified when new app installed with microphone permission.
✔ No root needed.
✔ Quick and easy to use.

Microphone Blocker will Protect Against 
✔ Spyware
✔ Malware
✔ Viruses
✔ Background and Unethical Microphone Use
✔ Misuse of Microphone by Others

Most Uses
✔ Block, Disable, Shield and Protect Microphone against unethical and spyware app threats.
✔ Microphone Restriction from children’s or friends.
✔ Microphone blocker will detect all microphone apps.
✔ Microphone smart sense feature will keep watch on unethical microphone use.

Microphone Blocker
Microphone Blocker
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