EasyJoin Pro Apk – Send photos to PC v1.2.17 [Patched]

EasyJoin Pro Apk

EasyJoin Pro Apk – Share messages, links, files, folders, and notifications easily and securely. Send SMS and manage phone calls from a remote device.  Available with native apps for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

EasyJoin Pro Apk Features

What makes this app so different from other similar applications:

• You don’t have to log in to an external server. You don’t need an Internet connection. You are not tracked.

• Your files and messages are shared between your devices using only your own WiFi network, preserving your data plan and safeguarding your data.

• You do not have the hassle of advertising and your personal data is not available to advertising companies.

• You can share files and folders from all file managers. It’s the app that adapts to your habits and not the other way around.

• You can create your personal WiFi network with one click.

• Native applications for all supported operating systems. You deserve more than just a browser plugin.

There is also a free version without advertising but with some fewer features. Get the “Essential” version if you can’t afford to buy the “Pro” version.

tags: Share notifications, File transfer, Chat, Link sharing, Hotspot manager, File Transfer via WiFi, No USB Cables, Privacy, No ads, No tracking, No need for making an account, End-to-end encryption, Decentralized service

“This app uses Accessibility services.”
Accessibility services are used to read and share notifications and are not required for Android 4.3 or later.

EasyJoin "Pro": Send SMS from PC, files, clipboard
EasyJoin "Pro": Send SMS from PC, files, clipboard




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