DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) v1.2.10 [Paid] [Latest]


The Fastest PS2 Emulator for Android in Global !!!! You can play console game on your own phone now. DamonPS2 emulator runs most of the PS2 video games smoothly, for example (Samsung Galaxy S8 \ Mi6 \ Huawei P10 \ Snapdragon 835 Inside), more than 90% of the PS2 games can be run.

Currently, the state of the emulator is still in its early stages. If you are not satisfied with our products, You can use the Google Play page’s refund button for refunding. If you expect us to make faster PS2 emulator, please give us a five-star praise. We will release version updates every two weeks.

Get more information for supported PS2 games and devices, please follow below link, there are our official sites, we will update status here:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DamonPS2
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/DamonPS2

Compatibility :
In 13914 PS2 games, More than 90% of the games run with screen error(In-Game Level). More than 15% of the games can run perfectly(Perfect Level).

Supported Feature :
* Support 2X~5X Enhanced Resolution (1080p HD)
* Support Bilinear Texture Filtering
* Support HID Gamepad (Only During the Game )
* Support Skip BIOS boot screen
* Support Multi-threading Acceleration
* Support NEON Vector Instruction Acceleration
* Support OpenGL ES 3.1 Rendering Acceleration
* Support Multi-format ROM File (Include: *.iso\bin\img\nrg Format)

Future Support Feature :
* Future Support Cheat Code
* Future Support Frameskip
* Future Support No BIOS file required
* Future Support Widescreen Patch(16:9 and 18:9 full-screen game)
* Future Support Native Widescreen Games
* Future Support Vibration for HID Gamepad
* Future Support Mipmap (Trilinear Texture Filtering)
* Future Support Save/Load Game State in Cloud Network
* Future Support Import MemoryCard from pcs*2 format
* Future Support Compressed ISO ROM File : *.cso
* Future Support MEPG2 Video Decoding Hardware Acceleration
* Future Support More HLE(High-level Emulation) Feature
* Future Support ARM-v8 Instructions Acceleration
* Future Support OpenGL ES 3.0 Device for Andoird
* Future Support X86 Device for Andoird
* Future Support Better APP UI
* Future Support Vulkan API
* Future Support 95% of PS2 Games Run Perfectly (Perfect Level)
We will continue to improve emulator performance. In the future, DamonPS2 will be 2 ~ 10x frame rate faster than it is now for different games. If you want these features to be realized soon, please fund us with your purchase !!

Hardware Request for DamonPS2 Emulator :
* Android 5.1 +
* OpenGL ES 3.1 +

Differences between Free version and Pro version (This Version):
* inserting ads
* saving game progress using virtual memory card
* supporting gamepad hardware
* supporting 1080p/720p rendering (3x~5x PS2 resolution)
* supporting cheat codes
* exporting saved game process (virtual memory card)

About Game ROMs and BIOS :
Requires players to bring their own PS2 BIOS image and game ROM image to run the game. Due to legal restrictions, we will not provide any game ROM and BIOS image to players.

Why do we charge ?
In order to PS2 emulator development speed can be faster, we need to hire more full-time top developers. So the development team needs more money. In product development speed, commercialization and the full-time developers are faster than open source + part-time developers. That’s why we did not choose the traditional emulator development mode (part-time developer + open source + very little donation)

Special statement:
Trademark and intellectual property and gaming entities such as Game ROM, PS2 BIOS, Playstation2, PS2, PSP etc, belong to Sony and other game manufacturers.

DamonPS2 has obtained software COPYRIGHT in China. Copyright and Source Code are protected by the P.R.China Government. All for the Slander or Piracy DamonPS2, our Company will reserve all the right to prosecute !!!

All Rights Reserved !!!!


  • Perfect game, compatibility increased from 15% to 25% (requires the user to manually adjust the following two new options to improve compatibility)
  • Fixed polygons splicing BUG during gameplay. By modifying EE speed Tweak option, you can reduce the “polygon stitching error” during the game.
  • Fixed Hanging BUG during gameplay. By modifying EE speed Tweak option, you can reduce the “hang error” during the game.
  • Fixes display error of vertical lines in Namco games


New Features:
1) More than 13,500 PS2 game posters are built into the new server. game posters load 500 times faster than before.

2) Automatically generating the Crash-Logs : “/sdcard/DamonPS2/log/”

Fixed BUGs:
1) Program Crashes.
2) Improved VU compatibility.
3) Compatible with Android 8.1
4) The pause interface is not fully displayed

DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) v1.2.10 [Paid] [Latest]






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