Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.24.0 [Latest Cracked APK]

Business Calendar 2 Pro App

Business Calendar 2 Pro App – Download Business Calendar 2 Premium unlocked apk for android free, Business Calendar 2 PRO Your favorite calendar app for complex, versatile time management just got even better. We’ve re-built Business Calendar from the ground, improving everything in the process.

▪ enjoy the new interface, optimized for efficiency
▪ fluidly move from months to days
▪ create tasks and lists with plenty of options
▪ events, tasks & weather – everything that matters in one view

  1. A better bird’s-eye view
    ▪ new day view with weather and integrated tasks
    ▪ quick day view to peek at your events from the month view
    ▪ a widget generator with plenty of options
    ▪ year, month, week, day or agenda: each purposefully optimized
    ▪ switch quickly between simple bars or detailed text
    ▪ new live search feature
    ▪ heat map in the year view
  2. Fill the blanks: Scan for free spots
    ▪ show and hide calendars with the Favorite Bar
    ▪ finetune your view with simple gestures, zoom in or see multiple days
    ▪ move multiple events out of the way with a quick drag
  3. Make your day: Add events & tasks
    ▪ add events from everywhere in the app, with lots of details when you need them
    ▪ integrated tasks tool for all your to-dos
    ▪ import & export calendar data (.ical, .ics)
    ▪ use custom event templates
    ▪ event history & location auto-completion
    ▪ link contacts to events
  4. Personalize everything
    ▪ lots of settings for optimizing the appearance and functionality of your widgets, events, tasks and reminders
    ▪ adapt the different views (day, week, month, year, agenda) the way you need them
    ▪ go black with a dark theme

Business Calendar 2
Business Calendar 2
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